Optimised Photon Transport Systems

Are A New Enabling Technology 

With Far-reaching Potential

An invaluable toolkit has been created to inexpensively transport photons from source to target near to the physical limits for a wide array of applications.

The toolkit originated from a series of solar concentration projects to analyse and optimise photon transport systems and involved key contributions from Reading University, The Fraunhofer Institute, Imperial College, CNR, Warwick University and Milan Polytechnic.

This enabling technology produces step-changes in performance in aspects of disciplines as diverse as solar energy, optical wireless communications, lighting, laser cutting, wireless power transmission, and optical imaging/sensing, including microscopy, spectroscopy, weapon detection, medical imaging and lidar.

When combined with other advances these step-changes in performance facilitate radically new approaches to fields such as energy, water, waste, construction, horticulture, communications, transport, chemical processing, security, search and rescue, astronomy, smart cities and medical diagnostics.

Transphotonics has been established to help develop optimised photon transport systems and exploit their potential for the benefit of all. 

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Barry Clive