Optimised Photon Transfer Systems

A Powerful New Enabling Technology
To Use The Photon as Tool Not Fuel

An invaluable light-based toolkit is being held in trust, further developed and made readily available by Transphotonics to all those determined and able to use it effectively to provide capabilities by which all could benefit.

The toolkit has been developed over the last 20 years to inexpensively transfer photons from source to target near to the physical limits, to be used themselves as tools and not just for the quantity of energy they carry. 

It has a wide array of applications with game-changing implications.

The toolkit originated from a series of solar concentration projects to analyse and develop Optimised Photon Transfer Systems (OPhTS) and involved key contributions from teams of researchers dedicated to sustainable development from Reading University, The Fraunhofer Institute, Imperial College, CNR, Warwick University and Milan Polytechnic.  

OPhTS that can be developed from the toolkit are effectively seed systems enabling other systems to be advantageously reconfigured and integrated to provide highly efficient systems of systems.

This produces step-changes in performance within fields as diverse as solar energy, optical wireless communications, lighting, wireless power transmission and optical imaging/sensing, including microscopy, spectroscopy, weapon detection, medical imaging and Lidar.

When combined with other advances these step-changes in performance facilitate radically new approaches to sectors such as energy, water, waste, construction, horticulture, communications, transport, chemical processing, security, search and rescue, astronomy, smart cities and medical diagnostics.

For examples of applications of this toolkit please see Tethir.co.uk and PhotonEngineers.com.

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Barry Clive